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Steinworks Bricks for the Supply of Top-Quality Cement Bricks in South Africa

Once you have experience the durability and longevity associated with building with cement bricks, they will undoubtedly become the brick of choice for many of your building projects. The process used for manufacturing cement bricks ensures a high-quality, durable, and sustainable end product. Cement bricks have been the chosen building materials for construction companies, homeowners, and architects for many years. If you are looking for a reason to choose cement bricks for your next building project, we support the decision with the following considerations as to why this type of brick is such a sound choice:

Environmentally Favourable and Recyclable

The natural materials used in manufacturing cement bricks makes it a sustainable process. The cement used to produce the bricks is a neutral grey, and this means that various colours can be added to produce just the right shade for the job. The cement brick is heated in a kiln, which hardens and strengthens the material to such an extent that it easily withstands any weather conditions. Bricks made from cement can easily be recycled as well. When you think about the state of our landfill sites and waste control in the country, building with recyclable materials is very important.

Superior Cladding Properties

Cement bricks are resistant to fire, meaning that the structure is likely to stay intact during a fire, and will not play a part in spreading the fire. The cement brick is also resistant to moisture. You can expect your brick wall to provide a reliable barrier between your home and the outside world for many years. Cement bricks will not rot, crumble, or become food for termites and other bugs.

Thermal Efficiency

Brick homes will retain heat well in the winter months and stay cooler for longer in the summer months. With such a building material, the building can be more energy efficient, which means a reduced carbon footprint and less money spent on utilities each month.

At Steinworks Bricks, we are experts in cement bricks. We also work in association with plants across the country, which means that we can service your brick order wherever you might be in any of South Africa’s other provinces.

To discover the quality of our cement bricks, and to learn about our range and pricing structure, we welcome you to get in touch with us at your earliest convenience. You can send us an email or give us a call for more information and assistance at any time.

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