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Consult with Leading Clay Brick Suppliers in Gauteng Regarding Your Supply of Building Materials

In the harsh African climate, construction and project managers need to have the peace of mind that their building materials are robust, durable and weatherproof, while being aesthetically pleasing too. Brickwork that stands the test of time is certainly the goal of modern construction and development companies, as well as the DIY home builder, and something that can be made possible by Steinworks Building Supplies. As leading clay brick suppliers in the Gauteng area, we can confidently advise our clients on the best building materials to use based on the type of construction at hand and, of course, the environmental conditions that the building will be exposed to. Clay bricks offer more than just strength and weatherproof characteristics, they are in fact a versatile building material that offers thermal and acoustic insulation, fire resistance and require very little in terms of maintenance.

Let’s take a closer look at the characteristics of clay bricks:

  • Aesthetic appeal: A variety of natural colours are achieved through the chemical reaction that takes place during the firing process. The colour achieved is permanent and will not fade or show wear and tear when exposed to the elements. The varied colours are possible by means of different firing techniques, clay compositions and kiln atmosphere.
  • Insulation (thermal and acoustic): Thermal mass and moisture of these bricks helps to keep the building’s internal temperature relatively constant. Clay bricks absorb and release heat slowly, which assists in thermal insulation. The dense structure of clay bricks ensures that internal noise is absorbed and external noise is deflected.
  • No maintenance costs: Clay bricks do not rot, warp, rust, dent, fade or fall victim to insect infestation. They do not require painting as they have an aesthetic outer surface and colour. While clay bricks might cost slightly more than alternative building materials initially, they won’t cost you in terms of treatments and painting or ongoing maintenance.
  • Fire resistance: Fire resistance ratings refer to to the amount of time it takes for a brick/building material to give in to fire that is in full force. In all tests done, clay bricks have been awarded the maximum fire safety rating. Not only does this give investors and property owners much needed peace of mind, it also ensures lower insurance premiums.

Order Your Building Materials from Leading Clay Brick Suppliers

When it comes to constructing a building that enjoys the best in terms of integrity, safety, strength and durability, clay bricks play a vital role. We welcome anyone involved in the construction and development field, as well as private individuals handling alterations and building projects to learn more about our clay bricks mix designs and ratings

We endeavour to ensure that our clients are provided with access to quality, competitively priced bricks and make certain that our suppliers are always able to provide a product that won’t just meet with client expectations, but actually exceed them.

If you would like more information and advice from one of the leading clay brick suppliers in Gauteng, contact us at Steinworks Building Supplies today.

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