Clay Bricks South Africa

Building with Clay Bricks in South Africa

Clay bricks are one of the most popular building materials available in South Africa, and there are various sound reasons for it. Whether your next building project is a private home or commercial building, choose clay bricks and you simply cannot go wrong. We have a range of clay brick options available for your next project.

One of clay bricks’ most notable selling points is that they are made from genuinely natural materials. The bricks are made from a combination of clay and shale, which are abundant natural materials found on our planet. These materials are heated in a kiln to temperatures of up to 2000 °C. During this heating process, vitrification occurs, which is the fusing together of the clay particles. This, essentially, gives the clay brick its impressive durability and strength.

Clay bricks are often confused with other types of bricks made from materials such as concrete. In the case of concrete bricks, a cement is used to bond materials together and they are typically light grey in colour. The colour of choice must be added to the brick and then the brick must be sealed to ensure that it does not fade. Clay bricks are quite different in that they are offered in a variety of shade options that simply will not fade over time.

Clay bricks offer exceptional durability; in addition, they are also exceptionally fire resistant. In high winds, a clay brick structure is extremely stable and will resist damage when struck by wind-blown debris better than most other materials. As a result of its durability, the structure built from clay bricks is often insured at lower premiums than some other structure types. Moisture and damp also present no problem to a clay brick building. Clay bricks actually help to reduce mould growth, minimise wood rot, and reduce the likelihood of insect infestations. In most cases, fasteners used with clay brick structures will also be less prone to corrosion.

Clay bricks also have a favourable thermal mass. If you are looking for a building material that reduces your carbon footprint as well as your expenses, you have found it. The answer is clay bricks! That is why so many South Africans choose clay bricks as the environmentally friendly option. We deliver brick orders around the country in quantities of 2500, 5000, 6000, 12 000, and 14 000. We have our own fleet of trucks, which means that we will not keep you waiting for your order. Our fast and friendly order process ensures that we can typically deliver your order to you within 24 hours of receiving it. It is a quick and painless process designed to help you keep your business running smoothly. Waiting days for building materials can slow down projects and delay completion deadlines. Rest assured that the Steinworks Bricks team is on your side and wants to help you to complete projects quicker and according to specification with only the best quality building materials available.

For more information and advice on our range of clay bricks and to which areas we deliver, kindly get in touch with us at Steinworks Bricks via email or telephone today.

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