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Learn the Benefits of Cement Bricks from Your Local Leading Cement Brick Suppliers


In the building industry, there are various types of building materials to choose from and ultimately, your decision will affect the lifespan of your building, as well as its durability, insulation, and safety. If you have not considered cement bricks yet, perhaps you should. As leading cement brick suppliers, we are familiar with the many advantages of building with cement bricks. You will find that cement bricks are a good choice for construction in many types of environments and applications. Whether you are building a private home or low-cost housing, these bricks is an obvious choice.


First, cement brick suppliers will be able to offer you competitive rates for cement bricks, as they are typically cheaper to manufacture than clay bricks. However, their low cost is not an indication of low quality or durability, as you will find that cement bricks are stronger than many of the other types of bricks. Crushed stone is used to manufacture cement bricks and that adds to their strength. Low maintenance is also a major benefit to using these bricks. There is little to do to keep them in good condition. They are naturally able to withstand exposure to the elements so, come rain or shine, your cement bricks can be expected to last.


We are leading cement brick suppliers in the Gauteng and Western Cape areas. Our cement bricks are made from best quality mix formulations and also available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and textures. We only stock SABS-approved bricks, for your peace of mind.


When shopping around, you will find that cement bricks are typically manufactured in solid or hollow form. The type and purpose of construction will determine which type of cement brick you invest in. Hollow cement bricks are lighter and easier to work with. These are a great investment, as the hollow areas can be filled with cement in order to make them stronger. Hollow cement bricks are typically larger, which makes it quick and easy to build with them.


Our range of cement bricks offers superior strength and a smooth finish. They are recommended for construction of single- and double-storey layering, cavity walls, and civil engineering applications. With various compressive strengths to choose from, we believe that our range can cater to a broad spectrum of construction demands and requirements.


If you would like to learn more about the benefits of cement bricks, contact your local leading cement brick suppliers, Steinworks Building Supplies. Simply send us an email or give us a call at your convenience.

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