Building Bricks

From clay bricks to cement bricks to paving bricks, Steinworks is one of South Africa’s leading brick suppliers, producing a range of bricks and building materials of superior quality, strength & durability.

Clay bricks

One of the building blocks of modern construction, clay stock bricks are manufactured from either clay alone, or clay and a selection of other ingredients, then fired at a high temperature and baked until hard, strong and weather-resistant.

Clay brick Clay bricks are a popular choice amongst builders and developers for their durability.

Steinworks supplies a range of top quality clay bricks for sale at affordable prices, suitable for a variety of housing and paving applications.

Cement bricks

An inexpensive alternative to clay bricks, cement bricks are manufactured purely from cement, and provide optimal sound and thermal insulation.

Cement brick One of the biggest advantages of cement bricks is their premium strength – and the more they age, the stronger they become. Add to this their cost-effectiveness, and it’s easy to see why cement bricks are a staple in residential construction projects.

Steinworks supplies top quality cement bricks for sale, ideal for use in infrastructure and housing projects.

Paving bricks

Paving brick As one of South Africa’s leading paving brick suppliers, Steinworks offers a range of durable, long-lasting clay, concrete and cement pavers, suitable for both residential and commercial applications alike. Most suited to hard landscaping, pavement bricks are ideal for constructing domestic driveways, walkways and garden features, as well as shopping malls, parkades, high traffic areas and other urban spaces.

For more information on the Steinworks range of bricks and other building materials supplied, view the products page, simply contact us today, or request a quote.