Clay Bricks

Clay brick

Since 2005, Steinworks has established itself as the leading supplier of quality clay bricks in Gauteng and the Western Cape, making a name for itself by providing the finest building materials on time, every time. Simply request a clay bricks quote online or contact us for quality bricks and building material and quick, reliable delivery!

Steinworks clay bricks

Manufactured from either pure clay, or a combination of clay and other materials such as gravel or sand, clay bricks are made by mixing the elements together until the desired consistency and texture is reached, then firing them at high temperatures and baking till ready. What results is a brick that is durable, robust, weatherproof, aesthetically pleasing, and that can stand the test of time.

Steinworks clay brick specifications

All Steinworks clay bricks are manufactured to the highest quality standards, and comply with all necessary building and safety requirements. The specifications of a Steinworks clay brick are as follows:

Clay,17 core vertical perforation
Average water absorption
Average compressive strength
10 – 30+ MPa
Average product weight
2.3 Kg
Average product size
222mm (length) x 106mm (width) x 73mm (height)

To find out more about the Steinworks range, or to request the prices of our clay bricks, please contact us or request a quote online.

If you need any other building materials to complete your project in addition to clay bricks, simply take a look at the full range of Steinworks bricks and building supplies. From cement bricks and paving bricks to builder’s cement and sand and stone, Steinworks offers a variety of top quality products for the building trade in South Africa, satisfying clients’ needs year after year.