Paving Bricks

As one of South Africa’s leading suppliers of pavement bricks, Steinworks prides itself on delivering quality hard landscaping building materials for both residential and commercial use throughout Gauteng and the Western Cape. Whether your project requires clay, concrete or cement pavers for either aesthetic or heavy-duty purposes, you can trust Steinworks to provide exactly the paving bricks you need, guaranteed to fit your specifications and applications.

Choosing the right paving bricks

Primarily used in the construction and creation of hard-wearing surfaces, pavement bricks are an integral element in both residential and commercial landscaping. Manufactured in a range of styles, sizes, shapes, colours and textures, and crafted from either clay, concrete or cement, quality paving bricks can do more than simply provide a hard-wearing, long-lasting, aesthetically-pleasing surface – they can ultimately increase the value of a property as well.

From interlock to anchorlock, bevel, twin cobble, unique, cottage lock, Spartan and more, the selection of pavers available through Steinworks is extensive. Take a look at the various uses pavement bricks have in both residential and commercial applications, and contact us today to choose the clay, cement or concrete paver best suited to your needs:

  • Residential: Domestic driveways, walkways, patios, terraces, garden landscaping features, swimming pool areas.
  • Commercial: Parking areas, shopping malls, factories and workshops, civil and metropolitan projects, roads, airports, industrial areas.

While clay pavers are generally chosen for their beauty, texture and aesthetic appeal, and cement and concrete pavers for their durability, longevity and low maintenance, our team can help give you all the professional advice you need to select the most suitable pavement bricks for the task ahead. Contact us today for more information on our range of paving bricks for sale, as well as our paving brick prices, and let Steinworks help bring your project to life.

Alternatively, should you, like our other clients, need further building materials for your project such as cement bricks, clay bricks, builder’s cement or sand and stone, Steinworks has a wide range of quality building materials and products for you to choose from, all designed to exacting specifications and built to last for years to come.

Steinworks paving brick specifications

Cementing its standing as one of the country’s leading paving brick suppliers, Steinworks offers a range of clay, concrete and cement pavers for a variety of projects, all manufactured to the highest quality standards and in compliance with SABS requirements:

Anchorlocking paving
Average compressive strength
25MPA (35MPA on request)
Average product size
200mm (length) x 100mm (width) x 80mm (height)
Average product weight
4.8kg per paver
Interlocking paving
200mm x 100mm x 60mm OR 80mm
2.45kg (60mm paver) or 3.2kg (80mm paver)
Twin interlock paver
200mm x 100mm x 60mm
Industrial interlock paver
200mm x 100mm x 60mm OR 80mm
2.45kg (60mm paver) or 3.2kg (80mm paver)
Cottage paver
200mm x 150mm x 50mm
Bevel paver
200mm x 100mm x 50mm
Twin cobble paver
200mm x 100mm x 50mm
Unique paver
230mm x 140mm x 60mm OR 80mm
3.3kg (60mm paver) or 4.4kg (80mm paver)
Cottage lock paver
200mm x 150mm x 60mm
Spartan mini/maxi paver
160mm x 160mm x 60mm (mini paver)
240mm x 160mm x
60mm (maxi paver)
3.1kg (mini paver) or 4.6kg (maxi paver)

To find out more about the Steinworks range of products, or to request our paving brick prices, please contact us or request a quote today.