Builders Cement

If you’re looking to buy bags of cement, look no further than Steinworks – one of South Africa’s leading building brick suppliers, we also supply other building materials such cement and sand and stone to construction companies and builders around Gauteng & the Western Cape.

Cement for sale

Steinworks offers a variety of top quality clay and cement bricks and building materials to the building trade in South Africa, satisfying clients’ needs year after year. To buy building supplies from Steinworks, or for cement bag prices, simply contact us and request a quote.

Cement – the ultimate building material

Since the days of the Ancient Romans, cement has been a building material of choice for masons, architects, engineers and builders alike. Its durability, strength and weather-resistant properties are legendary, and are evident in the number of early cement structures that still stand to this day – from the Roman aqueducts to the foundations of the Statue of Liberty and the Brooklyn Bridge.

Transformed at the start of the Industrial Revolution, today modern cement has three main building applications:

  • As a finishing agent for buildings in wet climates
  • As an ingredient of mortar
  • As an ingredient of concrete

And it is as an ingredient in concrete that cement finds itself most commonly used in construction and building projects, both in South Africa and round the world.

Building the future with cement

One of the most integral building materials in construction today, concrete is made up of three ingredients: water, an aggregate (such as sand or stone) and cement. Once hardened to the correct consistency, concrete’s strength is such that it can become a load-bearing element – and all thanks to the overwhelming durability of cement itself.

It is for this reason that Steinworks is constantly improving the quality of the cement supplied – as it is a product that is literally shaping the both the skyline and our future in South Africa. And the stronger the cement, the more lasting an impact it will have on the lives of generations to come.